New! Natural Grown Loofah Soap from North Georgia Mountains

Our Luffas are home grown in the North Georgia Mountains, using no pesticides or chemicals. They become a great scrubbing sponge when fully matured and the fruits become a tough mass of fiber. These natural plant cellulose fibers have many uses – one being hand-crafted Soap.

Loofahs are excellent in the bath or shower as they exfoliate loose cells from your skin. This exfoliating action leaves your skin feeling the cleanest and tightest it could possibly be.

Soap and Luffa fibers make a natural cleaning combination resulting in wonderful Loofah Soap. Luffas are placed in a cylindrical mold, filled with soap, cured, sliced and packaged. Since these are hand-crafted and use different shapes and sizes of luffas, no two Soaps are exactly alike.

Our Loofah Soap is sold in packages of two to four soap bars which you select in the Shopping Bag. All packages of four Loofah Soaps come with 10 Free luffa seeds for those who would like to grow their own. Click for Luffa Growing Guide

The Loofah Soap Sampler allows you to select the Scent/Color combination on one bar and it is shipped USPS First Class. USPS has raised their prices from now through Christmas.

Note: The two, three and four Loofah Soap Bar packages ship via USPS Priority Mail.

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Bacon Scent
Luffa Soap

Bacon Scent Luffa Soap
Item #SH-LS-Bacon

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Best Friends Scent
Luffa Soap

Best Friends Scent Luffa Soap
Item #SH-LS-BF

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Country Bumpkin Scent
Luffa Soap

Country Bumpkin Scent Luffa Soap
Item #SH-LS-CB

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Heaven Scent
Luffa Soap

Heaven Scent Luffa Soap
Item #SH-Heaven-BF

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Plumeria Scent
Luffa Soap

Plumeria Scent Luffa Soap
Item #SH-LS-Plumeria

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