Expandable Wedding Hand Fans

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Expandable Wedding Hand Fans are unique, multi piece fans that are great keepsakes for weddings, invitations and other special occasions. Digitally printed in full color on front & back center panel only, film laminated both sides. Fan double grommets allow the panels to slide together for a one panel look and stores easily in a purse, pocket or backpack. Expandable wedding fan allows you to convey your custom message 4 ways!

Have questions about the best fan for your needs? Give us a Call or Text at 706-258-7041 for customer service, design assistance and a FREE quote. We have many years of experience ready to assist you.

Wedding Four Part Bell Expanable Hand Fan

Wedding Four Part Bell Expanable Hand Fan
Item # SH-WEF5-LC
Larger Image

Wedding Four Part Expanable Hand Fan

Wedding Four Part Expanable Hand Fan
Item # SH-WEF6-LC
Larger Image

Large Wedding Four Part Expanable Hand Fan

Wedding Large Four Part Expanable Hand Fan
Item # SH-WEF9-LC
Larger Image

Many templates are available for custom printing your wedding fan. Contact us (706-258-7041) for assistance in selecting the best template for your wedding.

Prices of Expandable Wedding Hand Fans

Quantity of Expandable Wedding Hand Fans 100 200 300 400 500 Setup Fee
Price per Expandable Handfan $3.00 $2.08 $1.87 $1.68 $1.58 $35.00

If printing photograph, there is an additional $45 charge. Additional setup charges apply if artwork is complex and cannot be provided. Additional charges if imprint is needed on pull-out back panels.

Give us a call at 706-258-7041 and we will provide assistance on selecting and designing the best personalized wedding hand fan for your wedding and a free quote.

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