Rubber Door Hanger Jar Openers

Our dual purpose rubber door knob hangers are made from high quality rubber. These can be hung on a door handle customized with your personalized message.

This advertising won't get thrown out!

Your door knob hanger doubles as a jar opener with your message that will last for decades. Our door hangers have many uses - use to triple your strength!

Door hanger/jar openers are 4" x 9-1/4" with an imprint area of 3-1/4" x 5" and come bulk packaged.

Win votes in your political campaign by using these rubber door knob hanger jar openers instead of paper door knob hangers that get thrown away.

Low cost advertising product with a great return on investment that offers many uses to keep your name, campaign or company visible. After your name is impressed upon the mind several times, the person soon memorizes your name. Once that is achieved, you become a familiar name they will associate with over an unfamiliar name.

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Custom Rubber Door Hangers

Quantity Rubber Door Hanger Jar Openers 300 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 Setup Fee
Door Hangers, 1-color $0.66 $0.60 $0.57 $0.55 $0.52 $35.00
Each Additional Color --- $0.14 $0.135 $0.13 $0.125 $35.00

Available Door Hanger Colors

12 Colors of Rubber Now Available: #300 Blue, #303 Navy, White, #186 Red, #340 Green, #361 Lime, #165 Orange, #115 Yellow, #2577 Purple, #322 Teal, #467 Tan, and Black

Color Chart for Rubber Magic Grip Jar Openers

Available imprint colors are black, reflex blue, red, green and burgundy. White ink is available on dark rubber colors. PMS color match as close as possible at no extra charge.

This is a product they will never throw away. The use of a door knob hanger as a jar opener will constantly keep you focused in their mind.

Low cost multi-purpose promotional advertising product with a great return on investment.


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