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Promote your political campaign with a popular Campaign Button. These high quality two-piece metal buttons are printed on high gloss paper with laminated finish. Pin back is standard, but bulldor clip or magnetic backs are optional, additional charges apply.

History of Election Campaign Pins

During the first part of the century, button campaign pins became a popular and colorful way to promote products, politicians, celebrities, businesses, holidays, events, landmarks, slogans, cartoons, musicians and almost everything else, really. Campaign pins were loved by the public and businesses alike, because they made exciting, unique fashion accessories and weren't as heavy or uncomfortable as wearing a sandwich board. It was a less-jaded time, back when people weren't bombarded by advertising and information, and wearing an election campaign pin was a small way for people to celebrate the commerce and vitality of the new American industrial age.

Customized Election Campaign Pins
Customized Election Campaign Pins
Customized Election Campaign Pins
3 Inch Round Buttons
1 1/4 and 1 Inch Buttons
2 1/2 Inch Buttons
Customized Election Campaign Pins
Back of Round Customized Election Campaign Pins
Back of Square or Rectangular Customized Election Campaign Pins
2 1/4 Inch Buttons
Back of Round Buttons
Back of Square Buttons

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Campaign Button Prices 100 250 500 Setup Fee
1-1/2" Round, #SH-1000475-BL $1.39 $0.50 $0.36 $30.00
1-3/4" Round, #SH-1000477-BL $1.50 $0.55 $0.39 $30.00
2-1/4" Round,, #SH-1035786-BL $1.56 $0.57 $0.41 $30.00
2-1/2" Round, #SH-1035781-BL $1.71 $0.68 $0.45 $30.00
3" Round, #SH-1035791-BL $1.89 $0.72 $0.52 $30.00
3-1/2" Round, #SH-1035796-BL $2.45 $0.86 $0.66 $30.00
4" Round, #SH-1035800-BL $3.15 $1.08 $0.83 $30.00
2" Square, #SH-1035813-BL $1.85 $0.72 $0.54 $30.00
1-3/4" x 2-3/4" Oval, #SH-1035811-BL $1.85 $0.70 $0.52 $30.00
2" x 3" Rectangle, #SH-1000480-BL $2.06 $0.81 $0.61 $30.00

The above prices are up to full color imprint on a 2-piece printed button.

Dimension: Assorted sizes and shapes

Production Time: Approximately 10 business days after proof approval

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